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    Logan Loeb

    This month’s Happy Hour is Sunday, August 27th.
    We will be pouring from 3 PM to 5 PM at Lion Bridge.
    What is needed:
    1) Volunteer workers; 2 minimum, but 3-4 would be good
    2) Beer contributions; in bottles and/or growlers; kegs are acceptable, but you will need to bring everything you need to dispense from your keg/kegs and containers/coolers to keep your brews cold. We will pour for at least two hours, and in 2 oz samples, so we will not need tons of beer, but it is nice to have 4-6+ varieties that we could offer. And, if you like, we can go past 5 PM, but that will be up to the volunteers hosting the Happy Hour.
    You can sign-up here by responding to this post, to volunteer your time and/or beer. Let’s meet at the brewery around 2:30 PM to set-up and be ready to go at 3 PM. This is a great opportunity to pour your brews and get feedback from like-minded people who enjoy craft beer.

    Tony Browning

    Yep, while some are focused on Independence Brew-B-Que on Saturday, don’t forget about Happy Hour on Sunday.

    I’ll be there with Aussie Sparkling Ale and Szechuan Saison. Maybe some Weasels if there’s any left after Saturday?

    Tony Browning

    Plenty of Weasels left from Independence, so I’ll bring some today.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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