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    1/11/2024 Cabinet Meeting Minutes.

    The Drink Local Festival which was held on the third Saturday of August has been renamed to Cedar Rapids Brewing Society Benzfest, and has been moved to Saturday May 11th.

    Divesh is working closely with Matt at Benz to pull all of this together.

    I hope to have details for the wort rally before the club meeting on 1/18.

    Look for information on a grain order during the end of February, beginning of March. Ideally pick up would be at Clockhouse during the March meeting.

    Meeting dates and locations.
    January – Lion Bridge – Turn in Belgian Tripel
    February – Spinal Taproom
    March – Clockhouse
    April – Field Day – Turn in Helles
    May – Big Grove CR – Turn in Stone Fruit Mead
    June – Quarter Barrel
    July – Dry Creek – Turn in Brett Beer
    August – House Divided
    September – Clockhouse
    October – Big Grove CR – Turn in English Porter
    November – Iowa Brewing Company
    December – Holiday Party

    Greg Annis

    Any update on the grain order?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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