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    April 2024 Cabinet Minutes.

    Meeting Location is Field Day Brewing in North Liberty.

    Bring your checkbooks, The Venmo and The Paypal are also accepted, as well as cash.
    Pay Derek for dues, grain, extra consideration in the Helles judging.

    The second competition, Helles Bock, entries are due. Turn-in will be at the monthly meeting Thursday 4/18/24 at Field Day Brewing in North Liberty.

    Haley has grabbed the yoke of The Festival plane and is gliding it in for a May 11th landing. Divesh is in the third row of first class seating letting her know what is up.
    Glasses, the drinking kind, are ordered and will be delivered to Benz Beverage before the end of April.
    The food truck situation is being handled. Lots of behind the scenes things going on.
    Derek is getting wristbands. One color for patrons, one color for vendors.
    After party will be at Clock House Brewing. Pending approval from Todd.
    CRPD will be providing security and have been arranged.
    Divesh is working on Porta Potties.
    We are not ordering T-Shirts. Wear a festival shirt from a previous year. Like our wristbands, we will be colorful. Benetton of beer festivals.
    Matt at Benz is ordering ice.
    We (probably Haley) is checking with Matt H. about Dram Shop Laws. Vendors other than beer, mead, cider.
    Haley is taking care of Pizza for vendors.
    Posters are on their way.
    Haley, once again, is going to ask Matt H. about a band. AT THIS POINT, WE HAVE NO MUSIC.
    Haley, our champion, will be writing a detailed front gate plan. In the past we have made this way too hard. It will be streamlined.
    We are going to have a vendor check in table located at the street entrance to the dentist office (?) next to Benz. It will be a one stop shop for vendors to find their location, get after party tickets, and get the ball rolling on finding help to set up.

    Hops for Housing.
    At this point only Mark, short Mark, and Pat, Mead Pat, are going to be pouring at this event. You are welcome to join us. It will be held at the Hotel Kirkwood on 4/27/24. Starts at 1:00. We will have two tap boxes. (six tap and four tap). If you are interested in participating let Mark Jensen know
    ASAP, so he can get more taps. If you would like to participate and pour out of growlers, you are welcome to do that as well.

    Wort Rally Turn in will be at the May Meeting (5/16/24). The entries will be judged by the brewing staff at Big Grove. If your beer wins, Mark Jensen will help you brew it for the Big Grove Pro-Am entry at GABF in Denver. There will be a tasting event Memorial Day weekend, at Big Grove Cedar Rapids. No medals, no awards, no prizes. This event will replace our Happy Hour at Lion Bridge.

    Millstream Craft Beer Bash
    We are invited, and looking for volunteers to pour. Event is 9/1/24, at the Millstream Brewery. If you would like to pour at this event let a cabinet member know.

    Local Craft Cellar would like to partner with us for events. They can host outdoor events for up to 650 people. 650 people, I can’t even imagine. If you have an idea for an event please let anyone on the cabinet know and we will see what we can do.

    These minutes have not been proofread. The information is true, grammar and punctuation atrocious.

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