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    Cabinet Meeting Minutes

    Members present: Matt Franklin, Haley Flenker, Logan Loeb, Divesh Lakhi, Derek Doan, Mark Jensen

    Festival T-Shirts. Majority of the people who ordered T-Shirts have paid for them. If you have not paid for your T-Shirt, please do so ASAP.

    Divesh has an expense breakdown for festival costs if you would like to look it over contact Divesh. General Expenses – $6802.46 Marketing Expenses – $682.00. Profit $5852.

    Haley is writing Thank You cards for all vendors who participated in the festival.

    Festival Attendance – 347 people.

    A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Trees Forever. The amount will be similar to last year’s donation.

    A discussion with Benz Beverage Depot is going to occur about their willingness to exchange dates with our festival, moving the Drink Local Festival to the third Saturday in June. The current date of our festival is troublesome because many breweries are serving for four weeks in a row.

    We are looking into purchasing new Pop Up style tents, and jockey boxes.

    Discussion was held about what to do with the two bars and the six tap tower.. The cabinet would like to move away from using pumps to cool the towers. They are inefficient, troublesome, and the work to keep them functioning is not worth the benefit they provide.
    The large bar tower has a lid that can be removed. The tower can be filled with ice to keep the beer lines cold. Overall the bar is oversized. Plans to reduce the overall height of the bar, the height of the counter, and overall length of the bar are being discussed.
    The small bar does not have a removable lid. The cooling of the beer lines depends on a pump recirculating cold water from the tubs holding the kegs. The bar is appropriately sized, and in pretty good shape considering the first half of its life it was constantly being taken apart and put back together.
    The six tap box relies only on insulation to keep the beer lines cold. It is heavy, it is bulky, and it is difficult to store.

    Date for swap meet was also discussed. Will be finalized at the meeting.

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