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    Cedar Rapids Brewing Society & Benz Beverage Depot Beer Fest

    – Remember to get your beers added to the Festival App: http://crbeernuts.herokuapp.com/ or https://festivals.cedarrapidsbrewingsociety.com/

    – I believe someone is reaching out to Mark to get the festival app updated for our May 11th event.

    Tony Browning

    Woo, Hoo! Thanks to whoever updated the App for the upcoming festivals. I finally got to enter my 2 beers for Drink Local.

    Logan Loeb

    From Haley,

    “In case you missed the meeting last night, here’s the run of show for tomorrow.
    TL/DR: Show up after 9 am. There will be something for you to do. (See your Setup/Teardown Czars Divesh Lakhi and myself if you have any questions about what to do!) 😝 Check-in process is at the end.
    9:00 – Arrive for setup – tents, tables, chairs, front gate, etc.
    The club will not be using the big white tents this year and will be using big pop up tents. We will set up at our normal spot for our festival near the front entrance (as opposed to at the end of the street, where we would set up for Benz).
    10:00 – Vendors begin arriving
    Tony B. is Vendor Check-in Czar
    11:30 – Haley picks up pizzas at Need
    11:45 – Vendors & volunteers eat
    12:30 – Club should be completely set up and beers should be flowing
    12:30-12:45 – Check-in process begins
    Michael Hora is Front Gate Czar
    12:45 – Food trucks ready to serve
    1:00 – Gates open for VIP
    2:00 – Gates open for GA
    Throughout the day, our club members should be walking around to visit vendors to check on ice, see if they need relief from pouring, pick up trash, etc.
    5:00 – Festival ends
    Teardown should be quick and painless since we are using pop up tents. PLEASE stick around to help pack up before heading to the after party at Clock House!
    Check-in process:
    Once a line has formed for VIP, 1-2 people need to go through the line and begin IDing people and putting on wristbands.
    Red = VIP, Green = GA, Blue = DD
    1-2 people should follow the IDers and take/scan tickets.
    By the time gates open for VIP at 1, everyone in line should already be banded, ticketed, and ready to go in.
    1-2 people will hand out glasses.
    Same process will follow for when the GA line begins to form. At 2 pm, glasses will need to be swapped from VIP to regular.
    Derek will have change if people are paying cash at the gate.”

    Tony Browning

    At Benz 4 keg drop-off. There’s a list of the kegs, but no tags. What’s up?

    Tony Browning

    Matt @ Benz gave me a roll of peel & stick stickers that I left in the plastic box.

    Logan Loeb

    Thanks, Tony.

    I dropped the list off before the meeting yesterday, but Derek had the tags. He gave them to me at the meeting, but Benz was closed by then. I haven’t had time to run them down today. I’ll just sort kegs in the morning. It’ll be so much fun.

    Tony Browning

    Great job everyone! A rousing success, if I do say so myself! Sore and tired afterwards (for a couple of days), but worth it!

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