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    6/13 Cabinet Meeting Minutes
    Humorless edition

    Preliminary Numbers
    Value of tickets sold – $24780
    Number of tickets sold – 595

    Things for next year’s festival
    Quick gathering of all volunteers before the start of the festival to be sure everybody understands procedures. Get everybody on the same page.
    Some equipment stuff
    We will be listed as sponsors for a Need Pizza event because of some sort of snafu?
    If people are disappointed that VIP beers are still being poured during the rest of the festival, please refer to the following.
    Look at them with a look that says “Go have rough sex with your mother.”
    Say “Huh.”
    Point out the facts: they got 1) a special glass. 2) an hour of really short lines. 3) An extra hour to drink beer.

    GABF Pro-Am
    Travis, Kent and myself will meet very soon to nail down the recipe. GABF styles are different than BJCP. It’s as stupid as having two high school sports governing bodies.
    Penciled in brew day is July 2nd.
    Beer will be on tap in Solon early to mid August. The 2024 rules, which just came out last week, now say the beer needs to be on tap by September 2nd. Previously it was August 10th.
    Special cask event tentatively set for BG Solon on September 17th. If you are going to GTMW you may have it on cask at that event. We will see.

    Hoopla Portion of the Minutes
    Beer Pat’s band will be opening for the Metallica tribute band, The Four Horseman, when they appear at Double ZZ’s on June 22nd.
    Their set is to be an hour. He claims they only have 40 minutes. Be there, be loud, and help pull the last 20 minutes out of them.

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